Design School - Design Cafe & Club

Design School


Founded by Alexandrin Buraga

The school of ‘Design Cafe & Club’ – your quest for beauty!



The Design Cafe & Club project is a great opportunity for those who want to discover the amazing world of design and architecture, to gain a unique experience in creating or improving aesthetics and boost creative spirit.

The school of design founded by the architect Alexandrin Buraga offers you the opportunity to try your hand in this field and become a true professional, able to meet the market needs and standards of the Republic of Moldova and from abroad.

We have also prepared an interactive program for you to live an interactive experience.


Besides theoretical lessons, you will be able to take part in the work process, by interacting with real clients, special guests, as well as to attend demonstrations held by professionals in the field (workshops, contests, visits to specialized showrooms).

For the first time we have applied a new formula of training the specialists by teaching ‘psychology in design’ – a personalized approach to each student allowing to unleash his/her potential and find his/her own unique style.


The school of ‘Design Cafe & Club’ conducts training courses on:

 – Teamwork – Interactive communication in the workplace

 – Professional/personal development

 – Task and time planning

 – Identification of basic materials used in fitting out residential premises in line with market requirements and standards in the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

 – Learning special software: Autocad, 3DSMax

 – Implementing quality control procedures

 – Seeking and finding solutions

 – Developing interior design projects and learning software required to achieve a tangible result

 – Receiving advice

 – The potential to find a job fast

 – Establishing relationships with potential clients and interacting with specialists in the field/establishing partnerships

 – Building an informational background in the field of architecture and design.


General Manager/Professor: Stanislav Balan

Duration of the training course: 3 months

Training course schedule:

Stage I: September 18, 2017- December 23, 2017

Stage II: February 05, 2018- May13, 2018

Stage III: May 14, 2018 -September 01, 2018



Training venue: Conference Hall ‘Thomas Albert Hotel’, Chisinau

3/1 Lev Tolstoi St.


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