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Design Talks

On 7 June, seven heavy-hitters from all areas of the creative industries came to the audience with inspirational speeches, sharing their own concepts, the audience being part of a sincere dialogue. Designers, architects, artists and other specialists in the domain open the curtain for you and let you penetrate the behind the scenes of the theatre where the future is shaped.

The ice was broken by the representative of AGEPI, Simion Levitchi, who explained to those present how important it is to look at the design not only from the artistic perspective, but also from the point of intellectual property.

One of the most anticipated speakers at Design Talks, the Romanian architect Dorin Stefan, has touched upon the cultural importance of architecture talking about the Sculptural Ensemble by Constantin Brancusi „Heroes Way“ at Targu Jiu.

The next speaker, Silviu Stoica, director of Ramboll Romania, talked about how architecture and design can become energy efficient.

The evening continued with the speech by Andrei Bortun, the founder of Romanian Design Week, who shared the experience of creating Romanian festival.

Representatives of the young generation of architects and designers from Romania came on the stage next. Attila Kim shared the experience of designing exhibition spaces for Romanian Design Week and Bogdan Ciocodeica spoke to the audience about the way he had come to succeed, sharing visions of the current design market in Romania.

The evening culminated with the speech by Sergey Makhno that linked several topics, starting with architecture and design, and ending with personal visions and attitudes towards life.