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The „Evening Chisinau – a city of lights” contest – officially launched!

  • February 23, 2018
The „Evening Chisinau – a city of lights” contest – officially launched!

Following the visit of the renown light architect, Alain Guilhot, to Chisinau, the Agency of Inspection and Restoration of Monuments in partnership with Design Cafe&Club challengedthe architects and designers to try to give the capital a new nighttime look.  Thus, at the today’s press conference, it was announced that the registration for the “Evening Chisinau – a city of lights” contest, as part of the event with the same name, had begun. The contest gives every participant the opportunity to prove their mastery by submitting projects to illuminate one the most prized city monuments. Each participant must present a graphic concept of illumination of a monument in the format established by the event organizers.

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People who wish to be a part of this contest should go to the web page and  fill in the application form in the “Contest” section.  The deadline for submission of applications is December 7, and the closing date for illumination projects is February 15.

Pleasantly impressed by this initiative, Mr. Alain Guilhot, the man who illuminated the Eiffel tower and more than 3000 other objects, will return to Chisinau to participate in the selection and award ceremony of the winners. The renown architect will be the chair of a mixed moldo-french jury which will assess the works submitted by the participants.  The organizers will award the winners cash prizes of 2500, 1500 and 1000 EUR respectively.  In addition to cash prizes, the winners will be able to take pride in knowing that their concepts were put into practice.

This way, alongside the buildings of the National Olympics and Sports Committee, the National Art Museum, and other buildings whose façade can boast with having unique shadows and understones, next year three more buildings with special illumination will appear. We will find in March which ones.