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About Us

The Design Cafe & Club Platform is a community consisting of a complex mechanism that follows a set of curricular activities in the field of design, architecture, art, and creative industries. These include: on-line platform, design school, magazine, thematic seminars, trainings, off-line activities and on-line design market aiming at establishing of the relationship between the teaching staff and the business environment. Through the „Design Cafe & Club“ platform we aim to promote a policy of development and support for a social culture of domestic specialists in the field, as well as to promote creative industries at the national level.



Platform Mechanisms:

By means of the on-line platform we promote everything related to the art of creative industries in the local environment, such as: personalities in the domain, local products/producers, showrooms on the local market, etc.

By means of the Design School we aim to give students the opportunity to develop themselves into professionals, who will meet market needs and standards both of the Republic of Moldova and abroad, by practising the actual process of work and having the opportunity to interact with real clients, special guests, and last but not least, to be surprised by demonstration sessions organized by professionals in the domain (workshops, contests, seminars held by different personalities in the domain, visits to specialized showrooms, etc.).


The „Design Cafe & Club“ magazine is a promotion tool for the www.designcafeclub.md platform. By means of the magazine we promote products, companies, personalities from the domain of creative industries, events, etc. Casa Mia magazine that already has an imposing name in the media of the Republic of Moldova will embody all the impact targets: potential customers, developers, beneficiaries, etc. by means of the project „Design Cafe & Club by Casa Mia“. We come up with a creative product that would bring benefits, reputation and notoriety to your company.

Within the Platform we organize off-line activities, thematic seminars and trainings where we focus on sharing experiences, new knowledge, new personalities, socializing, presentation of products, etc.


The on-line design market is a premiere in the design industry on the market of the Republic of Moldova. It displays a wide range of products designed for the interior that are manufactured by the local producers. Through this mechanism we aim to promote local products, manufacturers and showrooms in the on-line environment http://shop.designcafeclub.md/.


This year, for the first time in the Republic of Moldova, we organized Moldavian Design Week, an event focused on product and industrial design, fine arts, furniture, graphics, fashion, architecture and interior design, aimed at developing and promoting a supportive policy of a social culture of the domestic specialists in the domain of design. In addition to the main exhibition, MDW has offered to the public the events hosted by design studios, showrooms, creative hubs, boutique shops, art galleries, and others. MDW is a festival open to all and our goal is to make local design accessible to the general public by means of certain compartments, having a concept similar to that of the major international design exhibitions such as Milan Design Week, Paris Design Week, Romanian Design Week and so on.