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Creative design in airports across the world

  • February 23, 2018
Creative design in airports across the world

Waiting halls are by far the least pleasant places we would like to spend our time in, because, most often, they are cold and grey. But, with the help of imagination, even these spaces can be transformed into genuine oasis of calm and inspiration.  We present you 10 airports from around the world, in the waiting halls where time flies unnoticed.

„La Guardia” Airport, SUA

The waiting room is arranged in a modern style, with chic accents. The common desk helps you interact with other visitors, and, if you prefer a more intimate atmosphere, you can choose some more intimate places, furnished with chairs for a small number of people.

Hong Kong International Airport, China

The chairs in the waiting hall of the Cathay Pacific are good enough to be used in homes of Hollywood stars.  The unusual shape of chairs, which resembles an hourglass, offers some privacy. The waiting hall is divided into zones, with the focus on the red carpet, which is similar to the one used in award ceremonies; the passangers can choose the IT zone or go to the relaxing area or have lunch at the bar stand in the hall.

Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

The interior of this airport stands out by unique design of shops and restaurants that integrate harmoniously into the scenary.  The flower shop, which bears the symbolic name of “House of Tulips”, from outside resembles a greenhouse, the roof looks like the handle of a basket of flowers.  The material it is made of – the deep green glass –  is also unusual. The layout of the restaurant in the area is also unusual, one of the walls has been converted into an enourmous bread shelve.

Munchen International Airport, Germany

This airport offers VIP persons a high-end salon, with a simple, but well-thought design.  It integrates the past with the future, progress and tradition. The Bavarian raw materials, such as leather or oak boards, combined with a range of calm colours, is the ideal mix that offers tranquility and comfort to the area.

Vienna International Airport, Austria

During their work on the waiting hall, the designers aimed to combine all the passanger interest zones in a single room. The interior is divided into five parts:  arrivals zone, restaurant, business zone, operation zone and leisure zone. The zones are divided by curtains, which creates a sense of privacy, but not of complete isolation.

Zurich Airport, Switzerland

The interior of the waiting hall of the Zurich airport has been converted into a bar. The personalized tables, the bar chairs and sofas give the zone a semblance of a bistro. The Swiss designers wanted to create a confortable and welcoming environment and to convert the interior into a friendly bar, and they have greatly succeeded in this endeavor.

Virgin Upper Class, JFK airport, USA

The new waiting hall of the JFK airport is extremely stylish.  Light colors and curvaceous lines are predominant. The luxury space is highlighted by unique details, and by lighting fixtures. Apart from classic chandeliers, the contour lights to highlight the installations on the salon ceiling were also used. The designers chose not to divide the areas with walls, but opted for decorative pipes instead.

„Charles de Gaulle” airport, France

The interior fittings of the Business Class waiting hall at the „Charles de Gaulle” airport were inspired by nature. The lampards copy the shape of trees, and, in combination with wood and neutral colors, emphasize the merchantable quality of the landscape. The laconic lights and those integrated in the ceiling create a sense of intimacy.

Istambul Ataturk aiport

With an area of 3000-square-meters, the CIP waiting hall of the Turkish Airlines at the Ataturk Airport, can host 2000 persons daily. The internal design of the salon was inspired by traditional architecture and was adapted to the modern style. The areas are divided by a system of arcades that confer a bulky look to the installation, but also conviniency, due to pale colors.

Biggin Hill airport, Great Britain

The Rizon Jet VIP waiting hall at the Biggin Hill airport has two floors. The interior layout is a mix of European and arabian styles and motives. The designers opted for simple and calm colors, deluxe finishes and special furniture with emphasis on comfort.